1 May

Lanford Wilson’s “Redwood Curtain” provided me with one of those moments that made me think about something differently than I’d thought about it before. I love those moments. Even when they make my stomach churn. A young piano prodigy is … Read More »


24 Sep

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears as if a significant portion of the populace is seriously considering pounding the final nail into our dying republic and replacing it with what they clearly believe our founding fathers always intended…a … Read More »

Been awhile…

23 Apr

I go quiet sometimes. Not a bad thing. Opportunity to reflect. To process. To figure out what I think, how I feel, in reaction to. In relation to. My favorite line in my favorite film, from one of my favorite … Read More »

Dear Glenda…

15 May

Rain falling, power going on and off and on and off and on and off and on then off.  And this time it stays off.  So I leave my house and drive.  I love driving.  I was a colicky baby.  … Read More »

And so it goes…

20 Feb

I have been deeply saddened by the daily reports of deaths in the news.  Some of whom have passed I knew personally and some I’ve simply, but profoundly, been inspired by. I won’t speak about the folks I knew personally … Read More »

C’est la vie

12 Dec

You know what?  No.  It doesn’t simply have to be…that’s life.  Although it is.  It always is.  But I don’t have to just sit back and say…well…that’s the way it is…whatever will be will be…even though it’s true…whatever will be … Read More »

When the bug bit

13 Sep

The movie was “Lili”, directed by Charles Walters, starring Leslie Caron.  She is a waif who joins the carnival to pursue handsome, smooth-talking, womanizing carnival magician, Jean-Pierre Aumont, who, unfortunately for her, is married to glamorous, and sexy as hell, … Read More »

Catching Up

28 Aug

My last entry was at the beginning of this year.  New starts.  Goodbye to the old…heralding in…  Today seems like as good a day as any to write something fresh.  Check back in.  50 years ago today something momentous happened … Read More »

Happy 2013!

1 Jan

2012 is finished.  It was an extremely tumultuous year the world over but as I recently told a friend of mine…I’ve only ever known the world to be in chaos…so what’s new?  I was born in 1961…and I could easily … Read More »

Hey Tom Sawyer!

13 Nov

The Lexington Youth Theatre production of “Tom Sawyer” closed Sunday after three wildly successful performances.  Perfect performances?  No.  Perfect production?  No.  But you’d never know it listening to the enthusiastic shrieks emitted from the near capacity crowds in attendance.  Standing, … Read More »