After the exhilarating experience casting FORTY SHADES OF BLUE I found myself on the road (again!) headed for home, breathing deeply and looking forward to hopping the plane back to Paris the following morning.

If you’ve never been to Memphis you MUST go someday! It’s truly extraordinary. The history… Everything about it. But the people are what really made the place special for me. I have never worked with a film commission that took such incredible care of me in my life! Lynn Sitler is a phenomenon! From the moment I arrived it was clear that if I needed anything… And I mean ANYTHING, she would arrange it. And you bet your sweet &@# I did and she did! From introductions to audition spaces, from fine dining to landing me the spot on Fox 13 TV!!!! Ask and ye shall receive. Well, you certainly will if it’s Lynn you’re asking.

And my exceptional assistant Robert Saba without whom… Carrying on, tying up the loose ends I was forced to leave behind. He made my job 100% easier. Not to mention far more entertaining.

I’m extremely proud of the cast that we assembled. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t find stellar talent outside of L.A. and NYC! We were enormously impressed with the talent we had to choose from. Thank you to each and every actor who auditioned for the project, you made the decision process a wonderfully difficult one. Believe me, nothing makes me happier than finding myself with genuine options!!!

Producer, Margot Bridger, an absolute treasure. Mike, Adam, Melissa, Sharon…. I could go on and on. My dear friend, Talent Agent, Pat West, who I respect tremendously, the amazingly talented Red West and John Boyd West, both of whom I have had the honor to cast in two films now! My little star, three year old Andrew Henderson, who, in an instant, walked into our open casting call with his parents and made it possible for me to take one of the deepest and most satisfying breaths of my professional life.

And finally, but in absolutely no way least, the man himself, Ira Sachs. A man I have respected and admired for years! If he only knew how many black candles I’d burned at midnight over those years to secure this opportunity to work with him. Thank God for those candles! And our mutual friend, Patricia Dunnock, from whose wand the actual magic spell was cast! The experience was well worth every moment waited. Ira is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. Not to mention a bona fide genius! He is in my book anyway.

Suffice it to say that casting this film was a dream. Sincerely.

Then to arrive in Paris 24 hours later to find 15 more inspiring French actors to work with!!!! Well, let’s just say that I am an extremely lucky, and appreciative, man.