Three Breakthroughs in ’05 by Aaron Dobbs (December 21, 2005)

Every year a few films capture the attention and hearts of filmgoers everywhere. Maybe even more exciting than the discovery of these films, however, is the detection of the new creative voices behind their making. More than just great cinematic works, they become vehicles for their talented actors, writers and directors to attain greater notice both within and outside the greater film community. In the film business, however, those who finally have a breakthrough year may not in actuality be so “new.” That’s certainly the case with the three people indieWIRE has identified as having breakthrough years in 2005: Actress Vera Farmiga from “Down to the Bone,” “Me and You and Everyone We Know” star/writer/director Miranda July and “Junebug” director Phil Morrison have all been successful artists in one form or another for years, but it was their work in 2005 that transformed them into stars of the independent film world.

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