Mark Dornford-May: “I got into film very late – last year!” by indieWIRE (January 24, 2006)

Every day through the end of the Sundance Film Festival, including weekends, indieWIRE will be publishing two interviews with Sundance ’06 competition filmmakers. Sixty filmmakers were given the opportunity to participate in an e-mail interview, and each was sent the same questions.

Mark Dornford-May directed “Son of Man,” which is screening in the World Cinema Competition: Dramatic section. “Son of Man” is the story of Jesus retold as an African fable. Sundance describes the film as “contagious, a life-enriching elixir for Christians and non-Christians alike who feel mired in the unyielding bigotry of fundamentalism. By modernizing one of the world’s most famous stories, Son of Man creates lasting resonance and imparts a significance that is truly glorious.”

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