An Ensemble of French Films Rise The The Top by Erica Abeel (March 19, 2006)

True, the 11th edition of Rendez-vous with French Cinema offered no clear consensus on standouts. Absent, too, were high-profile auteur films, such as “Comedy of Power,” Claude Chabrol’s latest, unfinished at the time of the selection process; and the exciting product held in reserve, one can guess, for Cannes. Still, this year’s Rendez-vous yielded its own pleasures, including a couple of small gems. But its star attraction, perhaps, was the ensemble, the dazzling breadth of offerings, ranging from the character studies associated with French cinema (“Not Here to be Loved”), to mainstream comedy (“Orchestra Seats”), to a surreal tease (“La Moustache”), to a rejuvenated policier (“Le Petit Lieutenant.”)

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