When writing about the tragic, premature death of the promising young Russian dancer, Valentina Simukova, author, Nina Alovert, notes in the Summer 2006 edition of Ballet Review:

“Simukova’s fate was sealed by only one “impatient” teacher – Natalia Dudinskaya. Of course she couldn’t foresee the tragic ending, but the only fate Dudinskaya was concerned with was her own, which is why she valued Simukova only within that context.

After she left the stage, Dudinskaya began to teach at the school. “Of course, in order to become a renowned teacher, one needs to have pedagogical talent. Dudinskaya did not have any,” Cherkassky properly noted. But she did have a knack for creating the appearance of her own glory and success. Having become a teacher of the advanced classes, she began selecting the more talented students for herself, mistakenly thinking that the student’s talent was evidence of the teacher’s ability. But a school doesn’t create talent, and teachers only add to or refine talent.”