by indieWIRE (May 14, 2007)

Picking up over seven years after “Henry Fool”, Hal Hartley brings us his version of the sequel. In “Fay Grim” Parker Posey again plays Fay, struggling with her son who is turning out to be much like his arrogant father Henry, missing now for seven years. When she’s sent by the CIA to Paris to get her husband’s belongings, she’s thrust into international espionage as she begins to uncover the truth about Henry. To Hartley fans everywhere, new work from the indie film maven is something to celebrate. Toronto Film Festival programmer Noah Cowan wrote: “Hartley’s films trade on rhythm and this requires an enormous command of tone by both actors and director. ‘Fay Grim’ is a perfect example of how a film can be dramatically elevated by a wildly successful collaboration in this area…” “Fay Grim” opens May 19th from Magnolia Pictures.

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