by Erica Abeel (June 30, 2008)

It’s not exactly clear when the trend started, but French filmmakers are currently making the best old-style Hollywood thrillers.  The caffeinated pace, requisite chase scenes, intricate plots are all there.  But Gallic filmmakers bring something more to the party: distinctive camera work along with a social critique and complex characters who resonate with the over-thirteen crowd.  Claude Lelouche’s recent thriller “Roman de Gare” plumbed the darker corners of the fame game and a writer’s ego.  Now comes “Tell No One” from actor-turned-director Guillaume Canet, a major hit in France and winner of two Cesars.  Adapted from the novel by Harlan Coben – six million copies sold, translated in twenty-seven languages – “Tell No One” essentially hangs an action thriller and police procedural on a story of romantic obsession.

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