Bergman Island: “Faro Document,” “Persona,” “Summer Interlude,” and More from Faro by Michael Koresky (July 3, 2008)

A film festival unlike any other, Bergmanvecken (or Bergman Week), now in its fifth year in operation and its first incarnation since the death of the man at its center last July, is a celebration of location as much as film. For Swedish cinema, Ingmar Bergman was always a one-man-show, its industry glue, its irreproachable standard-bearer, its looming demon genius — and he has been resented throughout the industry for the past half-century nearly as often as he’s been embraced. Not so on Faro, the island located on the northern tip of Gotland, where he made his permanent residence for decades even as he lived and worked in Stockholm during the off seasons.

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