by Howard Feinstein (July 18, 2008)

John Crowley is, above all, an Exception, with a capital ‘E.’ One, he became a highly regarded established theater director in his native Ireland, but was able to cross over into the medium of film with equal success. And two, he has shown himself masterful in two completely different film genres and styles.  To elaborate: Crowley’s first feature, “Intermission” (2003), was an ensemble piece in which multiple (mostly raunchy) Irish characters crisscrossed through 11 different storylines, which ultimately converged into a powerful climax. Now he has made “Boy A,” set in the UK (where Crowley now resides), the atmosphere of which is totally English, it’s one storyline beautifully developed and, much more linear than “Intermission,” moving toward an equally strong denouement.

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