by Kristi Mitsuda (July 29, 2008)

From “Sunset Boulevard” to “Mulholland Drive” and beyond, most movies revolving around Hollywood hopefuls portray the greater Los Angeles area as a soulless cesspool into which the hordes can’t help but sink.  But in his Tinseltown-set feature “In Search of a Midnight Kiss,” Alex Holdridge reimagines L.A. as a place of renewal and unsung beauty:  Skyline shots inclusive of freeway traffic, graphic compositions incorporating the city’s variegated architecture, and even the Hollywood sign shrouded by smoggy haze are lovingly lensed in stark black-and-white in obvious homage to Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” (though this hipster kid on the block scores his images to the indie rock of Shearwater rather than Gershwin).

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