Having come home to settle her aging mother into a nursing home, Diane, now a well known short story writer, is being interviewed for her old High School newspaper.  As she answers the standard line of questioning she gradually reveals more than either she or her shy High School reporter bargained for–a harrowing litany of childhood horrors that’s positively Dickensian.  After years of trying to put everything behind her she’s gone home to finally finish the story.  Tie things up once and for all.  But as Maya Angelou said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “We may not be able to go home again but as home will always be inside of us, it doesn’t matter.”  

Author:  Lanford Wilson.
Director:  Jordan Beswick
Actress:  Natalia Mahskevich
Producer:  Roberto De Matos

Day 03+04+06 Dec. 2009
English Theatre – Fidicinstrasse 40
10965 Berlin

Day 05+10 Dec. 2009
Centro Cultural de Danza Tangara
Mehringdamm 33 10961 Berlin

Day 08 Dec. 2009
Centro Cultural Forum Brasil
Möckernstraße 72 10965 Berlin

Day 11+12+13 Dec. 2009
Acud Theater Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Mitte. Berlin

LANFORD WILSON,  born 1937 in Missouri, is one of America´s most courageous and innovative playwrights and is considered one of the founders of the Off-Off-Broadway movement starting at New York’s legendary Cafe Cino.  He went on to found the acclaimed Circle Rep Co.  One of America’s most prolific playwrights, he has won numerous awards, and in 1980 received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Talley´s Folly.

Natalia Mashkevich was born in Russia and moved with her family to Brussels, Belgium where she studied dramatic arts at the Conservatoire Royal. Throughout her international career in film, TV and theater she has performed in four different languages.  In 2004 she moved to Paris starring in the TV series Plus Belle La Vie.  She has since worked on many theatre pieces.

Natalia Mashkevich is currently shooting “Sarah’s key”, directed by G. Paquet-Brenner, alongside Kristin Scott-Thomas, in Paris and NYC.  Natalia’s portraying the role of Mme Starzynski’s, Sarah’s mother.