Wrapped another fantastic workshop in Berlin!  An inspiring group of actors, wide open, completely available, receptive, responsive, and loads of fun!  The things they achieved in those five short days was a beautiful thing to behold.  And of course Berlin remains such an extraordinary city.  There’s an energy there that’s absolutely intoxicating.  While there I also had the opportunity to see a screening of a film, “Gegen Morgen”, co-produced by my friend, Matthias Kress.  All of you with friends in the arts know what an enormous relief it is to genuinely appreciate their work.  Because when we don’t…AWKWARD!  Thankfully in this case I did!  A lot!

So now I’m in Paris in the midst of my workshop here and it’s heaven.  There are groups when introduced to them on the first day you know instantly that the time shared is going to be pure pleasure.  The energy is so clean, clear.  Everyone’s listening, focused, serious about their commitment to their work, respectful, of me and one another, no judgment, no competition, a team in the best sense of the word.  That’s the case with this group.  To go from the group in Berlin directly to this one is a gift those of us in this field hold very dear.

AND we finally had the reading at the Mathurins of Eric Bogosian’s brilliant play, “SubUrbia”.  The point of course was to entice potential co-producers, which with any luck we did, but whether or not we proved successful in that respect, I was so proud of what the actors created on that stage.  The exceptionally gifted cast; Jeremy Kapone, Coralie Audret, Cyrille Thouvenin, Max Boublil, Alysson Paradis, Salomé Stevenin, Xavier Lafitte, Karim Leeri and Deborah Amselem, infused the play with honest to God LIFE!

Finished my new one woman play, “Our Lady Of Perpetual Donuts”, which is being translated into French as we speak.  Natasha Mash, my leading lady, and I presented a 20 minute version of it recently in Normandy at the Fabrique Ephemeride, where it was very enthusiastically received.  The play deals with survival.  Specifically the survival of one woman, Edna, from decades of sexual and violent physical abuse, and her emergence from her nightmare as a self realized woman intent on providing a safe haven for neglected and abused children, all while successfully owning and operating a neighborhood donut shop with her three sons.  You won’t find an ounce of self pity in Edna.  Just loads of love, humor and eternal sunshine!  We have an audition for a possible production of it at a great theatre here in Paris soon, as well as talk of taking it to Berlin and the State theatre in Kosovo.  We shall see.

All of this while people across the globe are toppling dictatorships without guns.  Liberating themselves.  Human beings are so extraordinary.  As Eminem says, “You can do anything you set your mind to, man.”  He’s right.  We can.  Oh yes.  We absolutely can!