For as long as I can remember I’ve been watching movies.  Marveling at movies.  Swept away.  I knew by six what business I intended to create a place for myself in.  Growing up the stars helped me escape.  Gave me something to dream about.  Helped calm the nightmares.  Gave me hope.  Provided me with a glimpse of what existed beyond the gates.

As I got older I found myself gravitating to actors who made me believe.  Not simply dream.  Star performances became less appealing.  Great acting became the point.  Creating life.  Real, honest to God life, became far more magical to me than all the flash, the glitter, the gold.  Because I no longer needed the movies to save me…I needed them to reflect.  Actors helped me become less fearful of people, helped me become more fascinated by them.  Gave me the opportunity to observe people…ones I knew…ones I didn’t… the good, bad, and horrifyingly ugly…from a safe distance.  Each and every one human.

I wasn’t looking for gloss anymore…I’d experienced my share of that.  Family photos, smiling people, shiny, happy…ideal…perfect for public consumption…but beneath the surface lurked pieces to puzzles no one cared, dared, to complete.  Terrified of the untold depths.  Safer to skate across flat surfaces…regardless of how thin the ice.

It takes courage to be real.  True.  So when I watch actors like Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams…in absolutely everything they do…consciously choose to feel…to live, really live…and to share…the heights and oftentimes excruciating lows.  I’m so grateful.

Actors take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.