Yes, I made it home from my latest European excursion in one very safe, deliriously happy piece!  And dove headlong into SHOPPING!!!!!  I hate shopping.  With a passion.  I grab a cart and wander along aisles debating.  Ultimately selecting gifts that make people squeal but…next year I think I’m going to donate all the money I would have spent on gifts and give everyone a card telling them that their gift was a gift to a much needier person.  Don’t know why I didn’t do that this year or all the previous ones.  Oh well…that will be my New Year resolution!  One I can easily keep!!!!  God knows the ones pertaining to diet I’ve made year after year have found themselves consistently under assorted buses!

Back to my European exploits!  Paris once again was an absolute delight.  10 dedicated actors, all of whom achieved exquisitely beautiful things in the four short weeks we spent together.  Each and every one committed themselves to working their tails off and boy did they.  I’m telling you, the things we all experience in the course of a workshop!!!!  The intensity of it.  But thank God we LAUGH so much!!!!!  I mean, come on!  If acting isn’t fun, if it doesn’t give us extreme pleasure, then it’s HELL!!!!!  And I’m sorry but I don’t agree with all the insane gurus out there who seem to need to make people believe that if they’re not tortured then they’re never going to be artists!  You know what I say to all those method mind fuck Masters?!  Go fuck YOURSELVES!!!!!!

HAPPINESS, HARMONY…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…and a hell of a lot of RESPECT…makes an actor…healthy, wealthy and oh so wise!!!!  Creates the possibility…the PROBABILITY…of a beautiful career AND life!!!!!  Mon Dieu!!!!!!  What a concept!!!!!!  How can actors RELAX…take that much needed DEEP BREATH…if they’re suffering personally to that extent?  Short answer…they CAN’T!!!!!  Too many people are out there making fortunes TERRORIZING people.  Paralyzing them when they’re supposed to be helping liberate them.  My workshops are flooded with actors desperate to rediscover the joy of acting.  Remember why they fell in love with it.  Heal the severe damage done to them by all of their past sadists, oh I’m sorry, teachers, coaches, directors…and freely express themselves creatively again!!!!!  And you know what?  The vast majority of them are now flourishing!  Instead of committing suicide, they’re working VERY successfully!!!!  Winning awards.  And, go figure, experiencing tremendous joy doing it.  Not to mention earning the love and respect of their colleagues.

When I was a young actor…a millennium or two ago…I told a friend, also an actor, that I despised auditions!  Thinking of course that he would heartily agree.  Well, the shithead shocked me by responding with, “I love auditions!”  He proceeded to say that, for him, auditions were nothing more than another opportunity to do what he loves.  Namely act.  That he didn’t give a rat’s ass about what the folks he was auditioning for thought!  He went to every audition purely to do what he loved, and did just that.  So each and every audition was pure pleasure for him.  And you know what?  He booked A LOT!!!!!!!!

I learned so much from people like him!