Although I absolutely agreed with everyone out there posting their frustrated comments about Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender and their Oscar snubs, because yes, they’re both brilliant actors and yes, their excellent work in “Drive” and “Shame” was Oscar worthy, I still thought it shameful to be making SUCH a huge fuss about it given that Gary Oldman, who in my humble opinion is the greatest actor friggin’ ever, had finally been nominated after decades of Oscar oversight.  That he didn’t win was of no surprise to anyone…because let’s face it…the man may be a genius but he ain’t a movie star.  Who won it again?  Oh right, the movie star.  Okay that’s not entirely fair…because Jean Dujardin really was great in “The Artist” but come on…GARY OLDMAN…and that in every show seriously discussing the nominees all anybody seemed to be interested in was the run off between Jean and his American counterpart George Clooney.  Now don’t get me wrong, I admire George Clooney but…GARY OLDMAN!  Please!  And for what arguably was his finest performance!!!!!  And while we’re at it…if a fuss was going to be made why wasn’t anyone royally pissed that Michael Shannon wasn’t nominated for “Take Shelter”?  If that’s not an Oscar worthy performance I don’t know what is?  And can we talk about Jessica Chastain?  My God, that woman in the course of a year reminded us all of what an actress is.  Okay we’ve always had, and will always have the genius of Meryl to remind us…and thankfully the steadily rising Viola Davis, who I’ve adored for almost two decades…and of course the absolutely luminous Michelle Williams in everything she does…but it’s Jessica who has created so many, different, distinctive, each and every one equally memorable, honest to God women in such a short span of time.  When I watch her I don’t see her.  I see the woman.  It reminds me of when Daniel Day Lewis hit the international scene a thousand years ago…introduced to the world in two brilliant films at opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum in the same year…”A Room With A View” and “My Beautiful Laundrette”.  The men he portrayed in those two films couldn’t have been more different and yet he made us believe he was both of them.  It was clear that the man was an actor.  I vividly recall driving home from work the night the top Oscar contenders were Daniel Day Lewis and Tom Cruise…and again, it’s not that I don’t admire Tom Cruise and his dedication and commitment to his work…but Daniel Day Lewis WAS Christy Brown in “My Left Foot” and Tom Cruise gave a great performance as Ron Kovic in “Born on the 4th of July”…again, again, again, just my humble…but boy was I passionate about the outcome of that Oscar race.  Driving home I took an oath, that if Daniel Day Lewis won I’d carry on in the business, if Tom Cruise won, I was out.  It was up to God and the Academy.  Well, I’m still in the business.  But…Gary Oldman.  And if there really was no way in hell they were going to give the Oscar to Gary…then excuse the fuck out of me…but…Demián Bichir!!!!!!