2012 is finished.  It was an extremely tumultuous year the world over but as I recently told a friend of mine…I’ve only ever known the world to be in chaos…so what’s new?  I was born in 1961…and I could easily create a list of the most horrific things that have happened in the world from the moment I saw light to the present.  But I choose to focus on the positive.  Works for me!

I agree with Lena Dunham that our hearts are too valuable to be treated like monkey meat!!!!!  So let’s protect ’em!

Speaking of monkey meat…of course what I share next has nothing to do with monkey meat but shoot it’s a great segue…

There are only 15 days left for us to reach our goal to raise financing funds for my one woman play that premiers March 6th in Paris so if you can please donate to the cause it will be greatly appreciated!  Go to –

Any amount will help.  Really!

All the absolute best to absolutely everybody everywhere!!!!!