My last entry was at the beginning of this year.  New starts.  Goodbye to the old…heralding in…  Today seems like as good a day as any to write something fresh.  Check back in.  50 years ago today something momentous happened in this country.  In this world.  But most definitely here at home.  I was a month and a half shy of two.  Tumultuous times.  Then again…when have times been anything but?  Martin Luther King, Jr. marched.  I love that although I wasn’t conscious of what was happening, I was alive on that day fifty years ago.  Born into the world when John F. Kennedy was President.  That golden moment when so many people were willing to risk everything to gain what I believe God intended…freedom to be…you and me…something the founding fathers declared self-evident but evidently wasn’t…to so many…including a surplus of them.

I ruminate on all of the fallen.  Heroes all.  Men and women who placed themselves and their families at risk…sacrificed their lives…to fulfill the promise of 1776.  Refusing to accept that the odds were insurmountable.  I would love nothing more than to count myself among those brave souls…but I’d be lying if I did.  In some respects yes…I can and do consider myself courageous…I have marched for many things, many times in my life…and one could say that I have, for the majority of my life, marched to the beat of my own drummer…even while battling occasional bouts of paralysis…but to compare myself to my heroes…not by any stretch of the imagination.  That said, I strive to live truthfully…true to myself…I may not always be 100% successful…but I work…every moment of every day…to do my best…to take full advantage of the freedom my heroes sacrificed their lives for…and there’s not a day the sun sets on that I don’t give thanks to them all for their sacrifice.

It’s been quite the year.  Sickness and health, better and worse, highs and lows, sunshine and thunderstorms, life and death.  I’ve seen and experienced the gamut.  Not so high as some, and not so low as others.  But…my share.  The world remains a glorious chaotic miraculous mess.  Filled with the absolute best and worst.  Heaven and hell.  But as the old song says, I’m still here.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow the deaths of my heroes to be in vain.  My life is a reflection of my gratitude.

Here’s to those who refuse to believe that their dreams are impossible.  Thank you, Martin.  John.  Bobby.  Thank you all…

May we all…dream on.