You know what?  No.  It doesn’t simply have to be…that’s life.  Although it is.  It always is.  But I don’t have to just sit back and say…well…that’s the way it is…whatever will be will be…even though it’s true…whatever will be WILL be!  But accepting that fact is not the same as believing that I have no role to play.  Because I can make a difference in my own life.  I can affect the way things happen in my world.  The outcome.  I can not predict the future…no crystal ball I…but I can say with a degree of confidence that if I do nothing on my own behalf…if I allow the world to spin wildly around me…choose not to engage…not to actively chart my own course, clear away existing obstacles, defend and protect myself and those I love…then it’s my own fault if the Nazi’s win the war!

I don’t know about you, but I hate conflict.  I’ve spent my life doing everything in my power to avoid it.  I marvel at our troops.  At their courage.  I watch in awe at modern day gladiators who dole out and endure savage beatings in octagons surrounded by blood thirsty crowds who would have been right at home when Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Have I never fought for what I believe is right?  Never marched, never placed myself in harms way, never confronted hostile opponents?  Do I live on planet earth?  But to really fight.  And I mean really.  I am so lucky.  When I look at what a very large portion of the world population is dealing with on a daily basis…I say…what I’ve had to deal with is nada comparatively.  I work my ass off to stay focused on the positive.  To choose to be grateful.  To say thank you…again and again and again…daily.  And it’s worth it.

An old, very dear friend reminded me recently that challenges reveal to us who we really are at our core.  And she’s right.  The greater the challenge the greater the opportunity.  The greater the risk as well.  Finding ourselves faced with foes determined to defeat us…to bring us to our knees…to outright destroy us…is and will always be, for me, daunting.  Terrifying.  Paralyzing even.

As Michael Jackson said to Paul McCartney…I’m a lover…not a fighter.  That’s me to a tee.  But when humanity is at stake…by God it’s worth it!

So…heart forever filled with love…my gloves are off!