Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears as if a significant portion of the populace is seriously considering pounding the final nail into our dying republic and replacing it with what they clearly believe our founding fathers always intended…a reality TV show! No longer a nation but a failing corporate casino, desperate for a bombastic gambling man, a silver spoon fed, sex fueled, CEO with the necessary commercial real estate cred to get old glory glittering again and return it to its former profit making status. Goodbye POTUS, hello Donald! He’s even invented a cocktail for the new era called the “Pink Slip.” One sip and your future looks resplendently rosy, but when you wake from your stupor you find you don’t have one.

I was never in the room with our founding fathers. Never listened to their private conversations. Didn’t have the opportunity to watch them up close and personal to see if their behavior truly reflected their rhetoric. Land owners all. Each powerfully positioned, guaranteeing them a voice. I believe that there were at least a few among them who were genuinely concerned with the welfare of the average dude on the unpaved street, I mean, there are always at least a few socially conscious individuals among us, but most of them were so far removed from anything even remotely provincial that to actually care about the great unwashed would be tantamount to treason of their privileged class. It was their duty NOT to give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves and each other. And yet they’re meant to be our moral compass.

It is America, so Jesus gets a significant nod here and there as well. But clearly not the caring, socially conscious Jesus. Not the one who died to cleanse us of our sins and even went so far as to school his dad on the need for and importance of forgiveness. No, most Evangelicals in America clearly reflect a Jesus who judges and damns, who claims superiority and denies people their rights, and turns his back on the poor, the ones in greatest need. A Jesus who envisions a man like Donald Trump restoring this country to what God originally envisioned. And why? Because they’re clearly mistaking Jesus for the Old Testament God. Because if it’s any Biblical body, it’s Him. He’s the one who’d be salivating at the thought of the Donald taking center stage. Are you kidding? Donald is the son God actually wanted! The son He would have actually been proud of. Do the math. Jesus was far more like his mother. God must have been majorly disappointed. Donald on the other hand is far more like God. Donald would be the son who wouldn’t hesitate to wipe out entire nations if he felt it necessary. And wouldn’t for one moment concern himself with collateral damage. For God, Donald is a breath of fresh air. A dictator after His own heart. A mini Him. Be honest, if Jesus had been a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice he would have heard, “You’re fired!” at the end of the very first episode. Am I wrong?

I grew up in a home rife with danger and the way I dealt with it was by keeping the lowest profile possible and losing myself in television. Old movies primarily. Mind you, I watched the kiddie programs too, Hobo Kelly being a personal favorite. There was something about that homeless Irish lass that touched my preschool heart. Deeply. I was always a sucker for the downtrodden. As a kid I longed to be a black Jew. If I’d known lesbians existed I’m sure I’d have added that to my wish list too. Why do some kids gravitate to the persecuted? A strong sense of camaraderie I suppose.

Old movies offered escape. They were magic. And the stars were so glorious. They weren’t like real people. I lived with real people. I observed real people on a daily basis. Even their suffering was hauntingly beautiful. Romantic. Poetic. Nothing vulgar.

It’s interesting that I came to resent the very thing I valued so highly growing up. Maybe it’s because I was forced, like so many, to lie about the reality of what was going on at home. Smile and say, “Everything’s fine.” I wanted the ugly reality exposed and dealt with. It took me years to relax the mask that was my face. To be able to breathe without fear of cracking. Splintering my fragile facade. Much to the displeasure of my sons’ mom, I have always made a point of having them photographed as they really are. Not all dolled up, dressed in clothes they never wear, looking like they never do. No illusions. So she has her photos and I have mine. The irony of course is that my walls were covered in old George Hurrell photos of my all time favorite silver screen Gods and Goddesses well into my thirties. I’d not been allowed as a child so when I moved out at 18, up they went.

The ugly truth is that when Donald talks about what he intends to do to Mexicans, illegal or not, he’s telling us what he’ll eventually do to us all. Profiteering sociopaths like him see everyone as either an asset or a liability. Heads spin at how fast one can go from one to the other. Trump’s priority has always been and will always be his bottom line. Welfare is a distasteful word. It requires caring. Something Jesus did. And was severely punished for.

Louis B. Mayer was a junk dealer who created MGM, arguably the most successful fantasy factory in history. A God like megalomaniac who portrayed himself as big papa but in reality was an abusive old bastard who would crucify his children as easily as exalt them. It’s said that he saved his worst venom for my childhood favorite, Judy Garland, who he affectionately referred to as his hunchback. She was his biggest money making star until she wasn’t.

Somewhere over the rainbow indeed.