Writing resume

Jordan Beswick’s first play CLUB HELL was initially produced as a rehearsed reading by Tamara Hinchco and Vanessa Redgrave as part of Ms. Redgrave’s London Riverside Studios theatre season. It was directed by Marcus D’Amico and starred Daniel Craig, Emily Lloyd, John Hannah, Ben Walden and Jonathan Morris. It also received a staged reading in New York at New Dramatists starring John Cameron Mitchell, Madeleine Potter, Jonathan Sagalle, Peter Frechette and Jennifer Wiltsie. It premiered at the Celebration Theatre in Los Angeles, produced and directed by Robert Schrock. It was recently performed as a rehearsed reading at the Manufacture des Abbesses in Paris, directed and acted by the author, and also starring Sophie Vonlanthen, Jeremie Covillault, Romain Redler, Ivan Cori.

His plays SPLITTING THE ATOM and the F word had staged readings in New York at The Vineyard Theatre, Playwrights Horizons and New Dramatists starring such actors as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edie Falco, Allison Janney, John Cameron Mitchell, Jeffrey Donovan, Josh Hamilton, Oni Faida Lampley, Kathleen Chalfant, Jon Abrahams, Sean Nelson, Adrian Grenier, Roberta Maxwell, Chris Noth, Matt Mulhern, Larry Pine, Marylouise Burke, Evan Handler, Anthony Rapp, Tristine Skyler, Ndheru Roberts and Myra Lucretia Taylor.

SPLITTING THE ATOM was presented as a rehearsed reading at the Manufacture des Abbesses (French title: LA CHUTE D’ADAM, translation by Matthieu Dahan and Randiane Naly) starring Alban Lenoir, Matthieu Dahan, Randiane Naly, Thomas Silberstein, Diego Mestanza, Pascal Elso and Marie-Christine Adam, and was most recently performed as a showcase at the Manufacture starring Matthieu Dahan, Randiane Naly, Alban Lenoir, Victor Boulenger, Christiane Jean, Antoine Quintard and Claude Lesko. It is presently being prepped for a full production with Bruno Dupuis set to direct, starring Alban Lenoir, Randiane Naly and Matthieu Dahan.

the F word was presented as part of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ New Play Network’s “Journey From Page to Stage” Festival, then premiered at the Source Theatre in Washington, D.C., directed by Jeff Keenan and produced by the Actors’ Theatre of Washington. It had its Paris (French title INCONCEVABLE, translation by Marianne Groves) at the Manufacture des Abbesses, directed by the author. Critics called the play, “insane, funny, derisive, tender, sensitive, thought provoking, soaring, interesting, realistic, topical, wild, intelligent, and very American.”

His play YOUTH IN ASIA was presented at the Barrow Group in New York City as part of Diverse City Theatre Company’s Green Room Series, directed by Victor Maog, and starring Laila Robins, T. Scott Cunningham, Thomas Guiry, Lois Markle, John Speredakos and Ron Cohen. It also had rehearsed readings at the National Theatre in London with Alison Steadman, Marcus D’Amico, Eamonn Owens, Nigel Lindsay, Malcolm Tierney and Jennifer Wiltsie, the Lyric Hammersmith in London with Marcus D’Amico, Ben Walden, Jennifer Wiltsie and Melissa Hughes, and the Vineyard Theatre in New York City with Martin Moran, Brendan Sexton III, Marylouise Burke, John Speredakos, Amelia Campbell and Joe Jamrog.

The French version of YOUTH IN ASIA (French title: Mi aMor – translation by Marianne Groves) was presented as a rehearsed reading at Theatre Les Mathurins, starring Eric Caravaca, Jean-Michel Portal, Claire Maurier, Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Dimitri Storoge and Jean-François Guilliet.

His play FREAK SHOW (translation by Marianne Groves) was presented as part of the “Foire Saint-Germain” in Paris, starring Yvon Martin, Jeremie Covillault and Marie Julie Baup.

Jordan’s one woman play OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL DONUTS (French title: Notre Dame de Perpetuels Donuts, Translation by Tatiana Gousseff), which he directed, enjoyed a wildly successful run at the Lucernaire in Paris, France, starring Natasha Mashkevich. Critics hailed it as “a revelation.” It has also been included in a number of festivals including ones in Belgium and Brazil (Diretor Revelação award).

His most recent play GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT SEEKING LAUGHS was presented as a rehearsed reading at the Manufacture des Abbesses in December, starring Jeremie Covillault, Cyril Dubreuil, Patrick Hauthier, Daniel Kramer, Yvon Martin and Yann Reuzeau.

Jordan co-wrote (w/ Obie Scott Wade) the pilot episode of AL ROACH: PRIVATE INSECTIGATOR for Turner Classic Movies (L.A. Short Film Festival, 2004 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films [Audience and Critics pick, Best of Fest], Dragon Con 2004 Independent Short Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival). He also co-authored the children’s novel, ODDRY with Mr. Wade, which is at present entertaining young people across the US.

Jordan also co-wrote the award winning short film DOG TAG by Cédric Maruani.

Jordan has also written and directed a number of short films including: CHILD PLAY (with Yvon Martin, Julia Faure, Jeremie Covillault, Ivan Cori, Noé Martin, Léonard Husson, Héléna Soubeyrand, Axelle Bossard, Norbert Ferrer), I DO? (with Romain Redler, Elise Bernard, Yvon Martin, Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Ivan Cori), WITH A BULLET (with Matthias Kress, Maelle Genet), SCARE CITY (with Romain Redler, Dan Uzan, Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Elise Bernard, Leonard Husson), ETHEL (with Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Pierre Cassignard, Yvon Martin, Leonard Husson), ALICE (with Elise Bernard, Romain Redler) and KIDS TALKING AND WHATNOT.